Our journey, our story...

A spark of Genius in Portimao

As tech geeks we wanted a lap timer that would combine vehicle profiling, video recording and data logging into a easy to use and attractive UI, something well designed – is that too much to ask?

We offered our UX and UI skills to the established players, they said no thanks.
So we created the Genius team and decided to do it ourselves.  Behind the scenes we have worked relentlessly for over 3 years to deliver a product to transform your average ‘Joe’ into a Genius on the track, well that’s the idea anyway 🙂

Research & Development

Portimao circuit May 2011: The spark
What if? Was the question statement to ourselves (James.Gavin.kofi) that sparked the original app idea, in 2011. Since then it’s become the brain child of a pixel obsessed petrol-head to design for fellow petrol-heads. With existing mobile data loggers (we won’t mention any names) falling short of our expectations; either needing to be hardwired into the vehicle or simply providing a mediocre user experience, they offered little or no performance insight for the average Joe, we wanted to change that, to introduce the idea of Usable and Sexy data vis and Gamification. And of course, capitalising on the social nature of trackdays

Timing & Detection engine

Portimao circuit April 2012: Private ‘Beta’ testing
Understanding the dynamics of a quick lap time goes beyond vehicle performance (size does matter), equally rider/driver knowledge and skill makes a huge difference – as you see to your right, when you get it wrong (Kofi ran out of corner & talent) it can be painful and costly.  TDG goes beyond lap comparison and offers performance tips, from either your data or instructors – being able to analyse corner by corner (Sector) telemetry i.e. accelerating and braking distances or entry and exit speeds.  These insights will give users the performance confidence to ride faster and safely – no more eating tarmac

Product design

London 2013: The big ideas
Software and hardware design is a mixed and inseparable passion for us, we realised the symbiotic relationship of developing hardware and software applications, naturally we wanted to explore traditional Industrial design in a playful and engaging way – Say hello to GOrilla Genius products. Our collective back grounds and experience have made us comfortable with HCI principles, working with manufacturers and making models or using computer-aided design methods. We are particularly tickled by digital technology and the role it plays in the lives of track day enthusiast- augmented reality, connected devices, HUD’s

Discover your Genius

London 2016: Public ‘Beta’ launch
Fast forward to 2016, we’re 14 months overdue, a catalogue of technical delays, design tweaks(Kofi’s fault) and polishing (we don’t believe in MVP’s) have hampered our efforts, but we’re finally satisfied with TDG. The wait is over for the public release, but for us it’s just the beginning, our roadmap is scarily long! We have ideas that even scare us, more importantly the fundamental platform (called Genius-connect) is built, the idea is to provide another social ‘touch point’ for manufacturers to engage with their loyal fans – amen to device connectivity

We own the right to labour, not the fruits of our labour…

As a team we inspire, challenge and frustrate (very often) each other, but at the heart of our intention is  a common pursuit for excellence, usability and fun, it’s what binds us together and pays the bills.


Kofi Brenya

Product, UI & Visual designer (aka pixel pusher)


Xiaoyue Huo

Product delivery manager (Mr. I know it all)


Sara Martín Morante

Visual designer & Social media ninja


Arthur Yong Wei

Genius iOS / Android Developer

We’re big fans of collaboration, lets create some thing special together

The old adage, “two heads are better than one” has been around for over four centuries for a reason. More effective problem solving happens when you combine resources in talent, experience, finances and infrastructure.

Video & Performance analysis made simple.