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Ask and ye shall receive..

The TDG team have invested a lot of time, effort and money (re-mortgage) to make this application intuitive and ultimately useful. We have anticipated that you may have questions or need a little assistance before you are familiar with the features of this app; here are answers to some questions we think you will be asking..

Why, oh why, oh why...

Currently this app is only available on an iPhone. You can play with all the features for FREE. The TDG team are lovers of ‘Try, before you buy’

You only pay for the data you create, if you like it, you’ll pay for it. It will work anywhere in the world.

  1. Start building your user and vehicle profile
    • Tell us as much or as little about yourself and your ride. The more you tell us, the more accurate the benchmarking against your peers, and other cool comparative data analysis stuff we can provide through the leader boards and reports
  2. Jump straight in and use the laptimer
    • Use a predefined track from our FREE database
    • Create your own custom track: just define the start and finish line, run 3 laps or more and we do the rest. Check out the user guides “Laptimer Setup” and “Define Start/Finish line” for more detail and assistance.
  3. Customise the app with your preferred settings from the Units and Performance section
    • Calibrate your iPhone orientation for Lean angle
    • Add your YouTube, Face and Twitter account
    • Select your video recording quality and export parameters

Yes, if you don’t do some house keeping after every event, more so if you have session videos! All the session data, including your videos are stored on your phone, local storage is only used when you export the videos to your camera roll, after purchase.

Videos will not be saved to your iPhone camera roll, until you purchase the session data, thereafter you can download the video to your phone manually.


Provide as little or as much as you like. The more you tell us, the more accurate the benchmarking against your friend (and enemies) will be, and other cool comparative data analysis stuff we can provide through the leader boards and the TDG recommendations engine.

The results will be average at best! You don’t need an external GPS devices to use TDG, but we’d recommend that you do. TDG will use your iPhone internal GPS receiver (unfortunately the maximum refresh rate is for the iPhone is 1Hz) There’s hope, if you’re using an external/supporting GPS device (operating at 5hz or greater) your session data and lap trigger will be more accurate – it will act as a booster.

We suggest you purchase an external GPS unit like the ‘Garmin Glo’ or ‘Dual X160’ with up to 10Hz sample rate.

TDG performs better with a little help.

You won’t be able use the laptimer without a good GPS signal. The GPS signal is required to communicate to the GPS satellites. The data passed between the satellite and your phone is used to calculate your location and movement on the track.

Think of it like a phone call, if you don’t have a good clear line – you won’t understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying so the conversation is meaningless.

Oh why, said the rabbit

Yes, if you are driving a car, it’s recommended if you want accurate telemetry results, the same applies to motorcycle riders too.

For motorcyclist you can attach it to the top side of the fuel tank or use the GOrilla Genius mounting system for, if you can guarantee it will be secure on the duration of your on track session

If your iPhone is connected to an external GPS device you can put it in the pockets of your leathers, otherwise, no! – just make sure you calibrate the sensor to “On-body”. On-body mounts will yield inaccurate lean angle results due to the movement of the rider.

Either way you can decide at Step 3 of laptimer setup: Sensor Calibration

Need a more detailed explanation of the above, then refer to the ‘On body’ example in Calibration & Tolerances within the TDG app

Because you are author of the session data, using our tech.  But honestly, you only need to keep the session data from your best lap, not all sessions – it’s good house keeping. As the GPS data for each session will eat storage space over time!

You have the option to buy each individual session at £2.49 per session or to buy ALL your sessions as a Group Buy for £3.99.

If you want to purchase 3 or more sessions, you will get more value for your money to wait till the end of your track day to make a Group Buy.

We give you the options, you make the decision. Read more about in-app purchases: Section 2: TDG Liability

Not at all, we give you FREE access to over 500+ preloaded track. If it’s not on our database let us know and we’ll add it.

And you can also create your own custom tracks or TDG will learn a track. Custom tracks require that you Define the start and finish line and run 3 laps. Check out the user guide “Laptimer Setup: section A.1.1.2 Add a Track”

Have you defined your start/finish line? CHECK

Do you have a good GPS signal? CHECK

Is your ‘Location services’ switched on in your iPhone settings? CHECK

Is your ‘Wifi’ switched on in your iPhone settings – wifi helps GPS triangulation. CHECK

Still not working? Check out the user guide “Laptimer Setup”

Sure, but be mindful of additional data charges for according to your mobile provider contract.

Using GPS itself with the laptimer, just listens to signals from orbiting satellites so no, using the laptimer will not use your data allowance; but syncing your data to the TDG server will.

The following actions done on your phone (without Wi-Fi) will use some of your data allowance:

  • Downloading data and videos to your phone
  • Sharing your data via email, dropbox, leaderboard
  • Updating your account settings, this is different to your profile!

Dude, I have more questions

If you have more questions which aren’t in the FAQ’s, then feel free to contact us using the ‘Dude, I have more questions’ form,.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we are off the tarmac ourselves!