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We’ve designed a mounting arm for our motor cycle users and a sexy iPhone case for everybody else, you’ll be able to mount your GoPro camera (and Garmin, they use the same fixtures) or iPhone case.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been a cheap development process, tooling sample units for testing etc. Frankly it’s been a very expensive learning curve, why hasn’t anybody else created a case like this, damn it!

We’ve tested the polycarbonate (plastic) version. unfortunately there was too much flex in 2 areas:

  1. Near the case locating slots and the arm, thus inducing the ‘wobble/jello’ affect as seen in our Mallory park video
  2. Using the ‘Open back’ case, where the ‘Closed back’ gave us better results, as seen in our Donington Park test session

So, we’ve revised the design to be more robust and rigid, the new case is machined from billet Aluminum 6061T (Air craft grade), there’s zero flex between the mounting arm locating slots and the case, we’ll be testing the latest case design in March 2016 and taking orders via our Kickstarter project in May 2016, if you’re interested, show us some love and say hello 🙂


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